5 Habits For Better Mental Focus At Work

Still trying to get back to the grind? After the long break over the holidays, you are not the only person who finds it difficult to stay focused at work, be it from home or in office. Here are 5 habits that can help you to cultivate better mental focus!

1. Plan out your key tasks daily

What are your key deliverables today? Writing down any upcoming crucial deadlines that you must meet can help you focus on the tasks that absolutely needs to be completed. This way, there is a lesser risk of being distracted by tasks that are not high on your priority list.

2. Set a time limit for each task

Do you find yourself deviating from the task at hand frequently? Allocate a set time to tackle the item to be completed and resolve yourself into focusing on that one item during this timeframe. For example, allow yourself an hour to work on Task A – do not detract unless the time limit is up.

3. Isolate yourself if you need to

Sometimes, difficulty focusing during work hours may be due to external factors. It can be challenging to complete your own tasks if your work environment is filled with idle chatter. Separating yourself from distractions would allow you to better focus on your tasks.

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5. Take a break

No, not the 2-hour long kind. Sometimes, our mental concentration levels start to drop after working on the same task for too long. If you feel your focus starting to dip, take a mental break for about 15 minutes to rest and refresh your mind. You can take a quick walk, or get some healthy snacks to fuel up before continuing your task with a more focused mind!

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